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Since 2004, we at Raptor Systems have noticed that there has been a vast inconsistancy in the quality of edgebanding.  This creates great and vast machining problems.  From stress in the material, to inconsistant thickness throughout the material machining problems and flow problems have been like a plague to edgebanders.  Through out the years, we have finally found a material that is consistant in multiple ways.  The consistancy in the primer, the general analog stress, and the consistant material thickness makes Panefri Edgebanding several steps above the rest.
The material is not only high quality, but is very diverse.  Large groups of colors, metallics, patterns, textures, woodgrain, and other custom features are available.  From small runs to full containers, this flexible banding company has it all.  We are proud to supply this edgebanding to our clients.  ABS edgebanding is available for EVA and APAO users, and AFS banding is available for Laser and Hot Air Edgebanding technologies.  These ABS and AFS materials are PVC free.
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