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In our ever advancing world of CNC machinery, we are constantly trying to create better products and eliminate down time.  We do this by constantly repairing machines, operator training, preventative maintenance programs, advanced operator training, ect... We do all of these things, but we ignor the basics, the tooling and the motors driving them.  As tooling wears, the quality of the cut deminished.  However we forget that dull tooling can greatly reduce the life of the tooling we are using and the motors and inverts that are associated with them.  When tools wear down, or electronic components begin to loose their efficiency, we have simply changed them when they fail.  Now you can see tooling wear or electrical failure before it occurs.  With our customizable AMP Meters, you can see and understand problems without having to have vast electrical knowledge.  These systems are  custom designed for you to use multiple sets of parameters allowing even the novice of edgebanding, CNC machining and panel splitting to see potential problems and prevent them for wearing down the  machine motors or the tooling.  Real time feed back allows you to reduce cutting speeds because the stress on the tooling and drive motors can be seen in both a digital form and graphical form.  This allows for an on the spot parameter changes to compensate for material stress or dull tooling stress.  The following panel meter styles are available:
AMP meters for measuring power and current
VOLTAGE meters for measuring force and voltage
FREQUENCY meters for measuring drive performance and varing electromagnetic fequencies
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